boolean operation tutorial

This is a tutorial to show how to use boolean services in meditor.
Home address for source code of meditor is:
This assumes a little background about meditor. I just indicate how one could proceed to use the service.
Firstly, boolean operations in meditor work as a simple math operation, i.e., it is necessary 2 meshes to use boolean operations. I use here two boxes (NOT SQUARE, they are BOXES).

Next step assumes one knows correct location for both meshes, i.e., all operation expects the meshes have a common part overlapping. One should notice this is a REAL overlapping, not a view projection because is expected intersection  among triangles of each mesh.
In command window, one pushes the button under control label in upper group of buttons. Next one will have control buttons and one group of buttons labeled under -Bool- First group under -Bool- represents operations, next group represents selection and apply. Options are: 1in2, 1out2, 2in1,2out1,sum,intersection,and difference. There are redundant options. Next 2 buttons will store mesh 1 and mesh2. Once 2 meshes are stored, one can create the resulting mesh just pushing last button.
The operation buttons are radio type, so I elect the sum as example.
Now I select mesh 1 in main window and push button to store mesh 1 in command window.
Next I unselect all meshes and select the second mesh in main window. In command window I store selected as mesh 2 just pushing second button. Next I create a new mesh using button in command window. If all worked, a new mesh will be created.
If one wants to move it, just push 'm' key to move selected new mesh.
That is all folks!